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Thom's Elephant Camp Tour 3

One day - Mahout Training Course (full day finishes at 4 pm)

THB 3,000/ Person (minimum 2 people)

THB 4,000 (single person)
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Tour and Activities

Tour 3 : One day - Mahout Training Course (full day finishes at 4 pm)

Elephant Trekking

At Thom's Elephant Camp we take great pride in our animals! We have happy Elephants.

Just being close to one of these beautiful giants is simply amazing; trekking with them into the mountains, looking up at Ot and Tutdao — watching the sway of their gait as they move sure-footedly through the jungle is a wonderful adventure.

Bathing in the river with the elephants and playing with them in the water is an experience you will never forget!
… And the elephants will thank you for allowing them to bathe after a dusty trek too.

Start at 9.00  am - 4.00 pm.

  • Introduction to the course with facts and information about elephants lifestyle and care.
  • Learning verbal and body language to communicate with the elephants followed by hands-on practice.
  • Trek through  the mountain, feed and watch the elephants eat in the fields. Learn about their lifestyle and natural habitat.
  • The river swim and bath  with the elephants.
  • The tour Includes relaxing in hot spring tubs and lunch.
  • Learn how to read elephant behaviour and how to  listen to  and understand them.

We are happy to transport you to and from Pai town!

During our tours, you can see stunning mountain views and enjoy bonding with the elephants. If you arrive early enough, you are able to see the sun rise over the mountains and occasionally you will witness picturesque fog coating the mountains.

If you wish to have a lot of fun and play with the elephants, we recommend the river tour. For amazing pictures we recommend a trip through the mountain. You can enjoy the amazing elephant experience as well as Pai’s beautiful nature and landscape.

THB 3,000 / Person (Minimum 2 People)

THB 4,000 (Single People) Book Now