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Help Us Feed Our Elephants

Covid is affecting everyone, our elephants too

With covid19 Tudao and Ot need your help, now. We appreciate all of you visiting with us at Thom's Elephant Camp. You are part of our elephant family now, and your visits have provided the funds necessary to take care of Tudao and Ot. It is very expensive to take care of elephants and they are healthy and happy because of you. But now Tudao and Ot need your help. We need your help. With the country closed because of Covid19 and now with the Delta variant we do not have people visiting and we don't have the money to take care of them. We have tried to sell them so that they would be well taken care of. Tudao and Ot are our family, we love them like they are our children. It is very hard to think of selling them but we are very worried about how to keep going. It is hard to find people who love and care for elephants in a loving and gentle way. Many small elephant families are struggling. No one will buy them. No one can afford to feed them. We are very worried for Tudao and Ot as the Covid19 crisis continues and our resources are challenged further. Elephants are very expensive to keep happy. They eat 10% of their body weight every day. Tudao weighs 4,000 kilos. She eats all the time. It costs $1,000.00 US dollars just to feed Tudao and Ot every month.

We also need to hire help to grow and cut their food. Every day they have to go to the river for their daily swim. Elephants don’t sweat. They need to go to the river every day to cool down and to keep their skin healthy and to keep them happy. They have to be taken to the jungle every night so they have their own time in nature. They come to the camp during the day because they are very social, like big dogs. They love to be around people and they need a lot of attention, otherwise they get lonely. They like to give hugs and get kisses.
Everything we do here we do to take care of them. Please if you can help any amount will be a contribution. We know you love Tudoa and Ot and want to help them, so anything would be appreciated. If you don’t know Tudoa and Ot yet, you can come and meet them when the Covid19 crisis is over. You can give them food and take them for a walk to the river. We would all be happy to have you visit us.
We are very worried and appreciate any help you can give us. Thank you for being a part of our elephant family. We hope you and yours are well and staying safe.
With love and good wishes,
Thom and Ae


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