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What Our Guests Have Said
This place is amazing!!! It's family run and the elephants are so well treated and seem so happy.

The staff are absolutely lovely you can see how much they love these beautiful creatures.

Our first part of the trip was taking them for a walk, which was fantastic. We then got into the river with them and played with them. Such an incredible experience and something I'd recommend to all.

Visited July 2016Linzey
I stumbled on Thom's Pai Elephant Camp by chance. I pulled over and parked my scooter at the astonishment and excitement of interacting with the elephants.
When I approached Thom's, I was asked to make a small donation in order to receive bananas to feed to the elephants. The animals were in good condition. I fed the two main animals several bananas and the trainers got them to speak and do some fun tricks. I actually allowed the elephant to wrap his/her trunk around me and pick me up.

I recommend a pit stop at Thom's to say hello to these wonderful animals. The trainers will gladly take some pictures of you interacting with the elephants. Enjoy!

Visited August 2015Mark A.
This is definitely a must-do whilst in Pai. Thom's Pai Elephant Camp is worth choosing for a number of reasons. Staff are really friendly and funny, and the elephants are well fed, well treated, well looked after and healthy (particularly when you compare them visually with the other camps down the road). The all inclusive package includes hiking with the elephants to the river where you can play with them, truly wonderful bamboo rafting down Pai river to the memorial bridge, and a refreshing bath and a dinner on the camp. Moreover,get a video of your entire experience (a dvd and a cd-rom included) as a part of your package.

Visited March 2015ramble-doc
What a super place to stay!
The Bungalows are exactly as described and surrounding area was out of this world and to wake up to elephants walking past your window in the morning – Wow!
We had a fantastic time & can't wait to visit again next year!

Visited April 2015Adam & Laura
Cannot describe my love for this place!

Thom is so passionate about her elephants.
You could see the love she has and it really shows with the happiness of the elephants. She only has 3 elephants but they are her family!

There were only the two of us so we got an elephant each, we hiked to the river and bathed them. We were able to collect their food, feed them throughout the day and spend quality time with them.
Between each encounter with humans they are fed, rested and area is cleaned in plenty of time ready for the next trip. We were able to bathe in the hot water springs hot tub which was very refreshing.

I would recommend anyone to visit even if it’s just to feed these beautiful animals!

Visited June 2016Lauren
We were really hesitant to visit any sort of elephant park but after hearing friends rave about Thom’s we decided to give it a go. We decided to do the river rafting and the hill and river walk with the elephants. It was such an amazing experience and the elephants were all so happy and well looked after. We got to spend time playing in the water with the elephants and also feeding them bananas at the end. We're real animal people and would in no way support anything that was cruel to animals. I can honestly say that Thoms is great and a must do for anyone visiting Pai.

Visited September 2015
Ashley M.
My husband and I had a wonderful time here. I highly recommend it. I have to say, in no way are these animals abused.
While walking with the elephant, and playing in the river with it, the trainer does carry a small tool to discipline the animal if needed. Our trainer seldom used it, but considering you are dealing with a 3-4 ton animal standing 10 feet tall, it’s necessary.
At one point the trainer had sat his tool down and forgot to grab it as we were moving on, and the elephant stopped, picked it up and handed it to him. After our adventure with Ot, the elephant we rode, she was put back in her stall and fed greens and bananas. While sitting and eating lunch, we noticed how clean the stalls are kept.

Visited May 2016Jessica
We stayed 2 weeks at the camp as volunteers and really enjoyed this time. Thom and Ae are 2 great women who care a lot about their customers and volunteers, we came as volunteers and left as friends. The camp has all the comfort needed, with a big wonderful area. It was a real pleasure to work with the mahouts and to discover the lifestyle and personality of elephants. We would highly recommend this camp !
Let's go to share your life with Ot, Tutdao and Nguan!

Visited March 2016Mandondri
We stopped by quickly to feed the elephants (for a 20 baht donation). The elephants weren't chained up and looked well. The areas were cleaned regularly too. They were happy to interact with us and loved being fed. The staff offered us a hike down to the river but we kindly refused as we didn’t have time.

Visited April 2016Tom J
We walked with the elephant down to the river where our boys had a lovely time playing with the elephant. It is an experience they will remember all their lives. Thom's elephants are lovingly cared for

Visited July 2016David

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