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Pai Thailand#Thom's elephant camp.

Volunteers of thom's elephant camp.

Ot name of the elephant

Ot is a beautiful elephant. Her name means 'Tadpole' 

She is well trained. She loves when the customers  come to visit her.

Thom's Homestay

If you come to stay at Thom's Elephant camp, we have a very special surprise for you - each of our air-conditioned bungalows has a hot tub with water from Tha Pai Hot Springs.

Each evening,we take the elephants into the jungle to spend the night. You have the chance to walk with them and put them to bed and, if you are up early enough, you can go with us to wake them in the morning. Find out, if elephants sleep standing up or lying down - do you know the answer already?

Volunteering at Thom's camp

Volunteering at Thom's camp is such a wonderful experiment. I am learning so many things about elephants just by watching them. Elephants are really incredible animals. Staying in the camp is comfortable and everyone is nice.

Ambre (21, France)

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